The Techsplained Series presents ... Safely

The Techsplained Series presents ... Safely

Mitigate Risk, Maximize Revenue. Safely supports property managers with commercial short-term rental insurance and automated guest screening to protect your homeowners, your business, and your guests.

Protected for structural damage, content replacement or repair, and bodily injury. Guest screening included with every policy to ensure you know who's staying in your homes.

Integrates with property management systems (PMS) and has direct APIs for direct booking sites so all stays are automatically covered, saving you time.

Markup the cost of insurance coverage to your guests by setting the price into your fees. You won’t have to pass that cost on to the homeowner, and you can even make a profit. 

You never have to worry about potentially risking a bad review by involving a guest in a claim. Safely will keep your property and your reputation protected.

Safely covers everything from a broken wine glass to a broken bone. Their goal is to pay claims as quickly as possible, with 80% of claims paid in a week. Claims under $1,000 are typically paid out within 48 hours of being approved.

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